We recondition steel drums to original specifications. This provides you with a high quality package, painted to your company or brand specifications. Closures are reconditioned or replaced to insure integrity of the package.

We are the pioneer and leader in plastic drum reconditioning and remanufacturing. Quality controls are in place to maintain the integrity of each container before it is returned to you.
Our California facility has the capacity to clean, test, and convert from DOT to UN specifications. Our service includes data maintenance to help you schedule required test dates.
Proper handling of any container which does not meet standards for reuse is part of our corporate commitment to the environment and our customers. Plastic containers are cleaned before being ground into pellets. This material is sold and then used in the manufacture of new products and reduces the amount of virgin materials required. Disposal of steel containers is done in a manner which assists our customers in fulfilling the legal requirements and corporate commitments to preserving the public and our environment.
Our trucks will pick up and deliver containers to your facility or directly to and from your customers. Let us design a custom package to meet your needs.